Wednesday, January 19, 2005

As everyone is going on and on about the ALP leadership situation, I will endeavour just to keep this short. Not much has changed today — Gillard and Rudd (who would fit nicely on a ticket together, in that order) are still neither in nor out. Beazley is still the only one in, although this is enough to constitute a split, as pointed out by Andrew Bartlett.

A good synopsis of the opinions going around in the sphere-o-blogs is presented with customary style by Jess @ ausculture. Big ticks for finding the article on Conroy — that is an excellent read. Latham was certainly right — if Conroy is a rooster, he sure is a cock.

Questions to ponder down at the pub tonight:
(i) If Beazley is to stand unopposed is that a sign of unity?
(ii) Or does it just show that there is a lack of alternatives?
(iii) Is this just a glass half full/empty type problem?


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