Tuesday, January 18, 2005

money on the fat man from freo.

I don’t like it, but now that the pancreas has won and Latham has resigned, the ALP will return to Kim Beazley, because of his experience at losing. That is what the ALP seem to be good at these days: losing elections, losing support, losing their way.

This pisses me off in so many ways. Here are some of them:
(i.) We’ve been there, done this. What can Beazley offer that we haven’t seen before?
(ii.) Beazley played the seminal role in turning the ALP into the ill-defined mess that it is today, pandering to the right in such a manner that that the ALP gave up its ideological basis (yes, I am willing to argue that they still had such a basis under Hawke/Keating), which I think that is the root of the problem today. There is no ideological differentiation between the ALP and the Liberal party in Australia. Beazley is not going to re-establish this.* He is going to continue to try and battle with the Libs on their terms, and will lose every time.
(iii.) There is no viable alternative to the fat man. There is just no one there who can realistically lead the party. Please guys, prove me wrong.
(iv.) Oh Carmen, why did you have to get involved in the business with Penny Easton? You didn’t need to do that, and you could’ve been here for us when we needed you. Not that the NSW Right would let you in, anyway … but I can still imagine what could have been. You would have been a fine leader of this country, if you just could’ve told the truth.
(v.) I still will have to support Kim, because he is the only thing that is sort of standing in the way of honest John and his band of merry neo cons. How screwed is the left?

* Neither did Mark, but at least I had hopes when he began.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Robert said...

G'day, gringo. Bookmarking you now.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beazley will be just an interim leader.

Howard is too dishonest and stupid to be a neocon. He is incapable of having ideas or being driven by them. He is instead driven by a will to power. He will do anything to retain it, as we have seen.


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