Monday, January 24, 2005


Sorry - dropped off the map for a while. It was a strange weekend. I am not really into the idea of writing about the big N’s 30th on Saturday. There are two things that may be said:
(i) I don’t go well with cocktails.
(ii) I can’t say much as I don’t remember much. Well and truly a kick back to the teen years.

Friday night was awesome. Up there with my all time best of gigs (I smell a list there in future), and totally justifying the New Year policy of seeking more musical and cultural experiences here in Melbourne. Because we can. Now, I am not a music writer in any way, so I will try not to wax lyrical about what I saw. All I want to say is that I saw an absolutely stunning gig at the Corner.

Unfortunately we missed the first set played by support band Because of Ghosts. Via tania started as we got there, and they were enjoyable, but nothing all that much. Because of Ghosts played a second set, much to our enjoyment (I am listening to their EP at the moment — it is worth it). Little drummer dude was wonderful — driving the band with such a perfect sense of rhythm (as a percussionist should possess). I have never seen a percussionist stand there and clap a guitarist into time on stage before. Strict taskmaster, hey? These guys have a lovely sound, and I hope to see them again. Soon.

But the biggie of the night was the headline Tortoise. It is hard to actually say much about their performance, because there is no way that I can do it justice. I wasn’t really into Tortoise before Friday. I had only listened to their album, Standard, a couple of times before (I have now listened to it, and the preceding LP TNT quite a number of times).

So, in a sense I am jumping on the bandwagon. That being said, I am certainly glad I got to experience them, and you gotta get on the bandwagon at some stage. I am glad that I have found Tortoise. They produce a complete and thoroughly marvellous aural aesthetic with such an intense and methodical approach that is truly a joy to behold. And they just keep on going and going. So good.

It was one of those experiences that just leaves you standing there with a silly grin, shocked, happy, and not really knowing what to say.


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