Tuesday, February 01, 2005

bill and ben the (best) flowerpot men.

I am struggling to publicly admit this, but, at home last night, ironing shirts and descending into the mundane cycle of working week once again, I watched … the Australian cricketing community pleasure itself on national television last night*. What a contrived, boring and unnecessary session of communal spanking off with that horrible slug from Collingwood running the show. Cricketers should not talk, and cricket does not need this rubbish.

That all being said, I am admitting this only to able to congratulate Damien Martyn and Justin Langer on finally being recognised as the best Test batsmen in the best side in the world.

I have watched these two for ages and had the joy of seeing them both hit centuries in Perth last year. They are essential to the team, and are both wonderful to watch — and I am glad to see the rest of Australia, albeit grudgingly, acknowledge this.

I am not biased in any way.

* To be honest, not even a cricket junkie like me could take it. It is a terrible show. I had to keep flicking across to Desperate Housewives (there is no point me talking about this — refer to the blogging galacticos at ausculture for more on this one).


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