Tuesday, February 08, 2005

cornelia rau (ii).

The terms of reference for the inquiry into the incarceration and neglect of Cornelia Rau, have been released. No surprises here — the inquiry is to be conducted in private with findings reported publicly.

As Kerry *oh, Kerry* O’Brien argued last night;
If there has been a stuff-up or a series of stuff-ups, then there are people in whose interests it may be to cover this up. … [I]t's in the public interest that the public sees a transparent process that they can trust.
Amanda Vanstone is obviously one of these people with an interest — it is her department that has acted inhumanely and incompetently. And she is going to do her best to hide this from us.

There is not that much more I can add to the discussion regarding the disgraceful treatment of Cornelia Rau by DIMA. The run down of this affair is totally captured here. This includes a range of newspaper articles and accounts. (Thanks to Guido for pointing me there).


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