Friday, February 18, 2005

democracy in action.

The political opinion of my friends and family in Perth is worth around half of those living in regional WA.

I read Robert Corr talking about the disproportionate influence of regional voters in WA this morning. This has pissed me off for quite a while, but I have never fully realised how completely screwed the allocation of seats in WA is.

You can see below that voters in the south west, agricultural and mining and pastoral regions have almost twice the electoral influence of voters in the metropolitan regions.

Here is the distribution for all electoral districts, classified by region, which sort of makes you realise how significant the difference in political influence is between the regional and the urban.

The ABC's Anthony Green, who explains how this has all come about about, describes this as “peculiar”. I find it astonishing that such a system has survived, and that people in Perth are willing to accept it.


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