Monday, February 14, 2005

how much do i hate telcos?

I hate vodafone. After repeatedly trying to get my phone reconnected, during which I never lost it (how calm and collected am I?), I sent them these queries*:
“My phone number is: 041xxxxxxx.

It was cut off on Friday 11 Feb.

Now, I was late in paying the bill due around 11 Jan. I usually receive a text or email to remind me of this. Things do slip your mind. So the first thing I was aware of with this, was that I couldn't make calls on Friday night.

So. I rang your shop on Saturday, and was told the quickest way I could deal with this was to go online, print the bill and then go to Australia Post. I tried to get online to pay this. I was on a different computer to normal, and didn't have my password stored on it. I rang up and the lady said she would text me the password. I didn't think this would be a problem, given that she worked for Vodafone I thought that she would be able to ensure that I get this information, so I could then get online, and eventually pay the bill.

How ignorant of me.

Needless to say, I never received the text.

Monday morning comes along, and I still have no means of logging in to pay the bill. So I ring up to try and sort this out, and the nice young man says, "yes you do have a category [something] bar on your phone, which is going to stop you receiving the text of your password."

He said that he would forward me to someone who would be able to remove the bar so that I could receive the text, so that I could log on, so that I could print the bill, so that I could go to Australia Post and pay it.

I waited on the phone (whilst writing this query for you) for around twenty minutes, after which my lunch break was fairly well completed. I then hung up.

Given the above, I have three questions:
1.) why would you so quickly cut off the phone of a customer has been with you for over two years, without any notice?
2.) why is that none of your staff seemed to have any inclination to help me?
3.) how on earth can I actually pay this bill, so that I can then wind up my account with vodafone and take my phone number elsewhere?”
I have not yet received a reply, although I am proud of myself for not losing it at anyone. Yet. And so I am still without a mobile phone connection. I have lost touch with the world. Sort of like going camping or going into hospital.

* I apologise for the self-indulgence. I just needed to vent my spleen.


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate the fact you have to sign up to a 24 month contract so that when you find out how crappy the service is that you cant leave. I also hate the fact that when you make a sales enquiry you get through in 10 seconds and a technical enquiry will take 1/2 hour to get onto someone. Even though you are talking to someone in India or China that has your personal details at their disposal.


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