Thursday, February 10, 2005

porkbarelling extras.

A couple of things that I noticed in reading about the Jim Lloyd porkbarelling issue this morning.

(i) Dobell was marginal Liberal seat, prior to the 2004 election. The ALP needed a swing of just 0.4 per cent to unseat incumbent member Ken Ticehurst. Ticehurst was re-elected and the margin is now 5.9 per cent. Porkbarelling works.

(ii) In the SMH, the PM has said “I will take the appropriate action if it is needed”. I am not holding my breath.

(iii) Paragon of virtue, Wilson Tuckey has come out and defended the advice given to thw Wtong council, saying that it is “fair and honest” to advise someone to deliberately withold information from the government so as to get more money from them.

(iv) the quotes of the emails included in that post are largely taken from the Fin Rev, which had the best coverage of it. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the emails themselves, though.

Update: I also meant to point out that the Fin Rev also said that last year;
the dredging project had been judged a low priority by the local area consultative committee - supposedly the federal government's primary provider of independent advice on the regional partnerships scheme.

"There were many more projects in the pipeline that warranted consideration before that one did," the project officer of the Central Coast area consultative committee, John Presland, said.


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