Monday, February 28, 2005

quick notes on a monday morn.

(1) Thank bloody goodness — no Colin, no canal.

(2) To go along with (1), Graham appears to have fallen to the desperate (doctor’s) housewives in Alfred Cove. Unfortunately, this augers the demise of his blog. I hope that he considers maintaining some commentary on WA politics instead of canning the whole thing. Graham, even though I disagree with you on almost everything, I think the blog was great, and your commitment to engaging with the electorate admirable.

(3) The Janet Albrechtsen discussion continues at crikey, although maybe she is learning to deal with her bias — to misquote her on ABC radio*; “[when] I've written about the ABC on some occasions … there have been problems of bias, and how facts are presented.”
Well, I guess this is a start …

(4) West Coast hammering Collingwood is one of my favourite things. I am awaiting the birth of Ashley Sampi's love child.

(5) And finally, I still think that JL has a place in the one-day side. But, how good is it having him playing for WA, belting 111 in a session against NSW to take WA to the top of the Sheffield Shield? I certainly heart you, Justin.

* Quote was sent to crikey by that loveable media tart, Greg Barns (now, I would find a spot for him on my ABC Board!). I can’t find a URL for the quote at the moment.


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You are quite hot.


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