Thursday, February 17, 2005

roast hill.

Don’t really expect much — you can do anything as a Minister in the Howard government, and get away with it — but it would be good if they make Hill squirm a bit more.

The question of whether the Minister of Defence lied about Australians interrogating prisoners in Iraq is down to semantics — was it an interview or an interrogation?

Whether Hill patently lied or not, it is certainly apparent that he sought to mislead us. Opposition spokesman on war, Robert McClelland (so that’s who’s wearing that hat) says it succinctly;
“We saw that the government attempted to cover up the full extent that Australia had contact with Iraqi prisoners…Clearly they did that because there was an election year on but in so doing they've put their political interests ahead of public accountability.”
Political interests before accountability — isn’t that the Howard government’s mission statement? Nothing new there.

related links
If you missed it on four corners, Rod Barton’s story about interviewing prisoners and chasing imaginary WMD’s (and then getting told what to write about them) is very interesting. An overview of it is here.

And crikey has an amusing run-down of yesterday's Senate estimates grilling of Hill. I just love the bit about Liberal Senator Ferguson playing solitaire on his laptop. Real classy. (South Australians have a disproportionate representation in the Senate anyway, so a bit of dead wood can't hurt).


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