Friday, February 25, 2005

skanky ho.

Latham was spot on in calling Janet Albrechtsen a
“skanky ho who will die in a ditch to defend the Liberal Party”.

And so she has been repaid by an invitation to join the board of the ABC.

I am just dumbfounded and disgusted. Even I really didn’t expect Howard’s cronyism to descend this low.

I find Bolt sort of funny, in his closed-mindedness, and am always wondering if he is just taking the piss in a Firth factor complete knobhead sort of way. In contrast, I find Albrechtsen totally abhorrent — in a lying, manipulative, uncritical and unthinking Howardian skanky ho ideologue sort of way. I stopped buying the Australian (well, one of the reasons) because of her one-eyed homage to Howard.

To actually stick to the issue, rather than just descending into abuse, I will refer to Graeme Thompson (secretary of the ABC section of the CPSU), who sums up some of the questions associated with this appointment;

“Staff and viewers are wondering why the Government doesn't appoint someone who actually knows something about broadcasting or program-making for once … Many also doubt the wisdom of appointing to the board someone who has consistently displayed antagonism towards the work that ABC staff perform. … These positions should be advertised and filled on merit. That way, ministers would have to publicly justify why they made their decision.”

Sounds reasonable to me, and if these principles were applied then Albrechtsen's name would not have been mentioned.


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