Wednesday, March 16, 2005

points of interest.

Two things that I have come across today which are worth posting. So, returning to the time honoured tradition of bullet points:

  • An extensive discussion on how a teacher on prac was hassled out of a government school because she was gay is found here. This includes comments from ‘Jane’ herself, describing her story of events. Be aware of any confusion with discrimination on the grounds of sexuality with concerns (justified or not) about paedophilia. The latter does not justify the former. Thanks to Nic White for pointing this thread out to me.

  • Somehow “Special” Minister of State, Eric Abetz (yes, the same fellow that deliberately misled John Howard whilst also misusing Senate resources) now wants to make bloggers put names to their sites and comments. Good luck.*

  • * Read more about Abetz at Robert Corr.


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