Wednesday, March 16, 2005

we really just needed some time together.

Oh my goodness, John Anderson lying? Allegations that the “honourable” Deputy PM offered the independent Member for Tamworth, Tony Windsor, a diplomatic posting as an inducement not to run in the 2004 election just keep on simmering. Tony Windsor and two of his staffers testified last month to a Senate inquiry that this inducement was offered through a bussinessman named Greg Maguire.

“Even-more-honest-than-the-other John” revealed in the House of Reps yesterday that he didn’t ask his staffer, Wendy Anderson, to leave the room just because he wanted to see Mr Maguire’s “extensive collection of motorcycles”, as he had previously claimed.

Rather, as Mr. Maguire had earlier admitted before a Senate Inquiry, they did talk about the Member for Tamworth, Tony Windsor. Although there was no talking about inducements. Of course not, John.

As the fat man asked;
“Why didn't the Deputy Prime Minister tell the House then what he has told the House now, that he and Mr Maguire in fact discussed the political future of the Member for New England?”

Why? What else are you hiding? Were the motorbikes that good?


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