Thursday, April 14, 2005

call to squidbloggers.

I am not sure what has been happening over there at squidlog -- they sort of seem to have gone a bit AWOL. I am not being critical ... I am just worried.

Anyway, I found the picture and a whole bunch of other great material at the wonderfully named National Resource Center for Cephalopods. I am glad that there are some people providing help to underprivileged Euprymna scalopes

I found the NRCC via the 'other' squidbloggers (I am not cheating, I swear).

BTW I am fully aware that I have been lax with posting -- I have much to do at the moment.


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Helen said...

"OMG!" as they say. My partner has just registered a graphic design company called Squid Ink with, of course, a squid logo. I must point him to this vast repository of calamari goodness.


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