Sunday, April 03, 2005

luther anyone?

Is it just me that is seriously annoyed about the idolisation of the Pope? Remember he was not a deity incarnate – there is no need to worship. He was merely a representative elected by bunch of selective bunch of men who seek to maintain a dogmatic preeminence for themselves within the Catholic church. I am being annoyed for the sake of it, but you must remember that this was a man who refused to support the promotion of the use of condoms, despite the epidemic of Aids in Africa. This is not the action of a righteous man – this is a selfish attempt to maintain a conservative, closed-minded and ill-founded doctrine, at the expense of millions. Not that this has any direct relevance for me, but I think that his passing is actually an opportunity for the Catholic church to do some good (maybe include some recognition of the value of women, perhaps?).

I am not holding my breath.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Brownie said...

I really think the Late Karol was the nicest Pope they will ever have, but that is not saying the catholic Church is a good thing. All religions are simply vehicles for males to stomp on women - buddhists think women are inferior (but hey don't step on an ant) and jews think women are unclean, and muslims think I am a slut because I expose my coiffure. the bloody presbyterians won't even let women have a go at it. hate em ALL.


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