Friday, May 06, 2005

bogan roots and football.

Amidst all the shit going down over Captain Ben and Michael Gardiner refusing to say why they hang out with dodgy cunts ‘high-profile Northbridge identities” such as John Kizon, the West reported that former WCE centre half forward Karl Langdon, never renowned for being a particularly bright spark, felt;

“that there was nothing wrong with footballers associating with alleged crime figures and admitted he had had relationships with them during his football career.”

I do hope they were long and fulfilling relationships.

Not having to ever see Karl Langdon around town or in advertisements is one of the many good things about moving to Melbourne.

So, over the last year, or so, we have had;

  • Our captain and star ruckman refuse to cooperate with police questioning over a shooting and stabbing. What are you doing hanging out at Metro City anyway?

  • A star midfielder admitting dependence on prescription painkillers and convicted for falsifying a script.

  • This star midfielder also broke the captain’s arm by chucking him down the stairs at a seedy Perth watering hole (not the same one where people were getting stabbed and shot, but near where a whole bunch of women were abducted). This altercation was following an argument regarding the shagging of the captain’s little sister. Oops.

  • Another midfielder/utility player was cleared of beating the crap out of a bloke at the same pub.

  • Up and coming key position player being involved in a high-speed car chase in his HSV ute (very classy) across Perth, reaching speeds of 135 kph (surely it goes faster than that, Quentin), before crashing it and running away from the accident. I think he got done for drunken driving, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident.

  • This all makes me proud to be a West Coast supporter and a Perth western suburbs bogan.

    (We are on top of the table and undefeated)


    At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Ross said...

    Hey, do you remember when a certain ‘favourite son’ (and I hope I am remembering this correctly, I don’t want to defame anyone) got done for possessing cannabis in a gold coast nightclub in the early nineties?

    I suppose being a little bit bogan isn’t really a new thing for us...

    At 2:07 PM, Blogger gringo said...

    Is he still presenting weather on Channel 7?

    At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Henry said...

    I thought it was very unfair of the newspapers to cast suspicion upon Cuzons and Gardiner because their statements were "brief and somewhat confusing" - isn't that rather standard for footballers?

    At 3:53 PM, Blogger gringo said...

    COPS: “Why did you call these dodgy fuckers? is it just the free coke? Or the meth? Did you know that there was something going down? And why do you hang out at Metro City?”

    COUSINS: “ ... at the end of the day, when push comes to shove you've just gotta stand up and be counted. You know we've done the hard yards and it just wasn't going our way today”.

    GARDINER: (chewing ferociously) “Captain Ben was really putting in 110 percent, you know, and it was like hard work, but he was willing to put his hand up. And I thought that was really good for the team”

    BC: (wiping his nose on his sleeve) “Look we went in really hard, you know, and gave it our best effort ... umm .. what was the question again?”

    MG: “You know it was a good team effort. We play hard but fair, and were moving the ball well”

    BC: “Look these things just happen in football from time to time. I don’t think that there was anything malicious about it”.

    COPS: “*&^%#”.

    At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Ross said...

    (RE: Is he still presenting weather on Channel 7?)

    You don't mean Jeff Newman do you? ;)

    The person in question is presenting sport now.


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