Monday, June 06, 2005

the DSP offensive.

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations is initiating ‘Campaign Enable’, a targeted offensive seeking to achieve changes to policy relating to Disability Support Pensions (DSP) announced at the last budget. They are targeting marginal electorates that have a significant population of disabled people and unemployed people:

“Campaign ‘Enable’ is targeted at 16 electorates where the Government is likely to sit up and take notice of our concerns. In 14 electorates the number of people with disability and on the Disability Support Pension exceeds the number of votes needed for the seat to change hands, e.g the Government holds the seat of Bass in Tasmania by 2.6%, the number of people living in Bass in receipt of the Disability Support Pension is 6.9%. We have also included the seat of Deakin as there is only 1% between the number of people on DSP (4.0) and the margin (5.0%) The 16th target electorate is the Prime Minister’s seat. At the next election 16 seats will decide who wins Government. As the following table shows, the significant number of Australians with disability living in these electorates means that policies affecting people with disabilities will be one of the deciding issues in the 2007 election.

We believe the Government’s changes to the Disability Support Pension will force many people with a disability on to unemployment benefits – leaving them $44 a week worse off.”

A list of the targeted electorates and current members, electoral margins, and percentages of electorates that currently on DSP or unemployment benefits is to be found in the campaign kit. The reaction of the AFDO to the recent changes is found here.


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