Wednesday, June 15, 2005

suppressing and internalising discussion.

In the absence of any effective opposition from the ALP it is good that there is still some political exchange continuing on the subject of mandatory detention and immigration law.

It looks as though now the Georgiou bills will now be introduced on Monday next week, barring a spectacular backflip (which would not go unappreciated) from our PM. On the breakfast show on RN this morning, the Member for Pearce, Judy Moylan, said something along the lines of;
“Party room solidarity needs to be put aside in the interests of human rights”.

Nice idea. Only took eight years of government to for you to realise.

And, while he is letting the two private member’s bills be introduced to the House of Representatives, our wonderfully open-minded leader is not going to give these bills any precedence, therefore limiting Parliamentary time to Georgiou’s introductions of the two bills and not allowing them to be debated.

You could easily read this as Howard suppressing debate on human rights issues in Parliament.

Of course, another interesting bit of all this is that to allow the bills to be debated, the dissident Liberals (Georgiou, Moylan, Bruce Baird and Russell Broadbent) will have to cross the floor, something that has not been an issue for a long time, if at all, under the Howard regime. Am waiting.


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